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I’m Antonia,

A creative in my forties, deeply connected to my Mediterranean heritage, which influences everything I do. Growing up on the beautiful island of Menorca, I soaked up life—and style—lessons in those sun-drenched days of my childhood. This space, Everyday Luxury, is my way to share my thoughts on style, home, travel, and well-being.

At Everyday Luxury, you’ll find a mix of style inspiration, recipes to gather people around the table, reflective musings on life, and occasionally, some business chat. Here, it’s all about curating a life that’s both aspirational and achievable, shared with a hearty dose of honesty and realness. We’re about finding luxury in the everyday, turning simple moments into special ones, and making every day worth celebrating.

I’m always looking for the best results in the simplest and quickest way possible because life is short and time is precious. Living a more beautiful and meaningful life is what I’m here for. If you are too, welcome. I hope you find inspiration here. 


Creating a stylish lifestyle should be effortless and make you feel good. Join me on a journey of lifestyle inspiration to elevate every day and make life beautiful


A bit about my work

The work I started here many years ago set me on an entrepreneurial path. I founded Tailor Made Living, a beautiful lifestyle store where I learned the ins and outs of branding, marketing, and how to run a small business. These experiences have shaped my career and refined my personal style—simple, pared-down, and deeply influenced by my Mediterranean heritage.

A blend of style and business

Today, I head up Branding, PR, and Marketing at MM Personal Styling. I am a stylist and small business consultant. My passion for storytelling began first with this blog and then with Tailor Made Living. I thrive on working with founders and small brands to bring their business vision to life!

Let’s connect!

I love a good talk so feel free to start a conversation or come and say hi! on Instagram

Let’s celebrate the beauty of everyday luxury together!


Work with me

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I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with brands and businesses either on sponsored content or in a professional consultancy capacity. Please get in touch by email at and let’s have a chat!


A note about sponsored content

This site is designed to be open and honest, I will always be clear when a blog post is written in collaboration with a brand. I sometimes use affiliate links which means that if you click on a product from this website and go on to make a purchase, I’ll make a small commission on the transaction. This does not affect the price that you pay. Working in partnership with brands allows me to create free content.

I only ever recommend products and brands that I trust and use myself, I do not accept pre-written posts and the views expressed in this blog are entirely my own.