Spring Citybreak Capsule Wardrobe

Antonia standing against the walls of Ciudadela cathedral wearing a denim maxi skirt and linen bomber jacket

I recently spent a week in Menorca with my beautiful family. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know that I grew up there and that my parents still live on the island. My dad had a couple of health scares at the beginning of the year so I decided not to wait until the summer before I visit. It’s spring and the weather is mild but it can be changeable. Mornings and evenings are often chilly but sit in the midday sun and it could get up to a very pleasant 20C. In this climate, layers are your friend and whilst this isn’t a city break, I’m treating it like one because beach days and dips in the pool are off the menu because the water is freezing so most days are spent pottering around town. Menorca, like most of the Mediterranean, is very casual so I haven’t included any dressy options in this spring city break capsule wardrobe. Still, I’ll talk you through some ways in which I elevate mine to suit all occasions in case you need to go to a smart-ish dinner.

Rules to Follow

  • Start with shoes – I appreciate this might sound counterintuitive but you’ll find that thinking about the shoes you’ll wear on holiday first will help to inform the outfits you’ll take away with you. For example, if you know that you’ll only wear flats on holiday then there is no point in packing a dress or trousers that you can only wear with a very high heel. Likewise, if you only own black shoes or sandals you’re unlikely to be able to wear them with pastel colours and brights as they are likely to look clumpy and too heavy. We’re building a holiday capsule wardrobe here so it’s all about efficiency and versatility. Once you’ve figured out which shoes you’ll take, give some thought to which bag will go with them. Once you’re clear on that the rest should flow easily as the right colour combinations become more obvious.
Antonia standing against the red door of a white washed fisherman's hut by the sea in Binibeca beach. Wearing burgundy leggings, an oatmeal cashmere top and a linen trench.
  • Create a colour palette with neutrals as your base layer, then add a colour or two to add interest to your outfits. I never include anything that I can’t mix and match with everything else. This time I went for white and beige as my neutral plus blues (basically neutral) and terracotta/ burgundy which is on-trend at the moment. I usually place everything on the floor to check that the clothes I’ve chosen look good together.

The packing list:

  • Linen trench
  • Linen bomber
  • Adanola gym leggings
  • Beige cashmere top but any other simple fine knit sweater will work too!
  • Cream loungewear set for travel
  • Amouse Bouche sweatshirt from Sézane
  • X2 linen shirts (I only wore 1)
  • X2 white t-shirts
  • X1 slogan tee
  • X1 white long-sleeve top
  • X1 denim maxi-skirt or smart pair of jeans/ chinos for example
  • X1 linen mix trousers
  • White trainer – goes with everything!
  • Cap
  • Classic canvas and tan crossbody bag
  • Jewellery including a few necklaces, bracelets and earrings
  • Birkenstock Arizona in khaki
  • Birkenstock EVA – I only have black but these are handy as slippers also for beach walks and useful for a spa day
  • Swimsuit
  • Blue and white striped pyjamas!

You could say taking 2 jackets/ coats is an extravagance but I love the trench, it’s perfect for spring and it looks good with pretty much everything I packed, especially the Adanola gym leggings as it elongates my short frame and make the leggings look smart. You might think the leggings are an odd choice but I live in them at home and they are great for hanging around the villa, for beach walks and for grabbing a quick coffee in the morning! The key is to choose a plain pair (no patterns please) in a colour that works with the rest of your holiday capsule wardrobe. The burgundy pair I chose mixes well with the top of my loungewear set and the cashmere jumper, add a trench, jewellery and crossbody bag and you’re done!

Simple Ways to Elevate your Capsule Wardrobe

As I said before, my spring capsule wardrobe for this trip was very casual but it could easily elevated with a few extra pieces:

A pretty blouse or top with embroidery, possibly cut-outs for that quintessential Mediterranean feel. This vest top from Reiss is a staple in my wardrobe, it dresses up any outfit, pricey but you can pick them up on Vinted.

Leather sliders like these ones from Dune, have been around for a few years but they hit the brief: comfortable, practical and they look smart.

I’ve packed like this for quite a long time now and it works really well. I travel light yet often I don’t wear all of the potential outfit combinations. I’ll also confess that I’m prone to a last-minute panic and I’ll shove a couple of extras in the suitcase! Don’t hold it against me, I never said I was perfect!

All opinions are my own and based on personal experience. This post contains affiliate links.

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