Easter Celebration Table

Spring is my favourite time of the year and Easter Sunday is quite possibly the best Sunday in the entire year because it’s completely acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast!

Styling an Easter table is hugely satisfying too as it’s so easy to add a wow factor with the simplest accessories. 

Decorate with plants and foliage

For me, no celebration table is complete without some botanical elements. My preference is always for low-level arrangements that can be spread across the length of the table. It allows people to enjoy the flowers without having to poke their heads around a huge arrangement to have a conversation. 

Spring bulbs, daffodils, tulips and blossom work beautifully and are inexpensive at this time of year. Arrange them in bud vasessmall plant pots or jam jars. 


I love candlelight at any time of the day, its flickering light is always elegant and warming and if you are planning an outdoor celebration, votives, tea lights and hurricane lamps are best. Once the meal is over you can swap them for a scented candle such as Embrace from our signature collection. 

Delightful details 

Making your guests feel special is key and one of the nicest ways to do this is by creating a gorgeous place setting for each person. It’s a special day, whatever your reasons for celebrating so don’t be afraid to go for it. 

Start by choosing good quality table linen and build up interest by introducing lots of texture. Charger plates or placemats are an elegant foundation element on your table, then get your best crockery,  linen napkins and napkin rings out of the cupboard and have fun adding details that will delight everyone. 

Handwritten name tags and a pretty easter decoration for each person are really thoughtful touches. 


No matter what age you are a gift is always welcome and an Easter celebration lends itself so well to gifting a small token of appreciation.

Chocolate is always be a winner but if you want to stay away from the sweet stuff you could gift practical thing such a hand creamslip balmsscented bars of soap or a fun pair of socks. 

Flower seeds and small potted spring bulbs are really lovely too for the green fingered folk. For children, books or jigsaws are lovely.

Wrap in simple tissue paper and add a flourish by tying your parcel with twine and adding a sprig of blossom. 


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