Styling the perfect spring table

Styling the perfect Spring Table
AD INFORMATION – The table linens featured in this post were kindly gifted by The Fine Cotton Company 

I planned this collaboration with The Fine Cotton Company back in February when COVID-19 was not part of our daily lexicon. For a while I thought I shouldn’t publish the post, everything seems so serious at the moment but then I had a change of heart. There might be fewer of us around the table this year and yes, life outside your front door is scary but special days are still worth celebrating. If you’re up for 5 minutes of escapism and tips for styling the perfect spring table read on. 

The Styling the perfect spring table

Easter Sunday is my favourite Sunday of the year. It’s synonymous with large family gatherings, delicious food and a lot of chocolate! I take great pride in my table settings, I think they set the tone for the entire meal, beautiful yet relaxed is where it’s at for me.

I want people to be excited about the food we are going to share and be comfortable in our home. Going the extra mile for those you love is totally worth it, they deserve it.

Here’s how I do it 

BEGIN WITH GOOD BASICS – I always start with good quality table linens. Classic white will always be my favourite because it looks sophisticated and luxurious. It’s also very easy to accessorise, here I have used the Carmen collection, the weight and texture of this set scream luxury. 

Styling the perfect Spring Table

LAYERS AND TEXTURE these two elements are key when looking for the wow factor so don’t be afraid to go for it. I suggest using table mats on top of your linen. I’m really into this at the moment, a simple seagrass style is quite inexpensive but looks the part. I got mine on Amazon but there is a vast amount of choice out there. 

Then add your favourite plates, I used my Denby plates which I bought in an emergency one Christmas Eve many moons ago. The light duck egg blue is refreshing, perfect for spring. On top of each plate, I layer a napkin which on this occasion I have tied with a pretty ribbon and decorated with a seasonal Easter decoration. Twine and string work really nicely and simply tying a knot in the middle of the napkin will work a treat too. It’s one of my favourite hacks you can avoid ironing the napkins, it ads interest and you guessed it: texture!

Be creative with what you have 

Entertaining and styling tables is something I really enjoy, as a consequence, I have collected many different types of cutlery tableware and glasses don’t feel pressured to buy new things or have a huge range of items that match.

A bit of forward-thinking and an eye for detail will go a long way. Stick to a single colour palette to pull together mismatching items into a stylish and cohesive design.

Styling the perfect Spring Table

FINISHING TOUCHES – No table is complete without a floral or botanical touch. Keep all arrangements low as you want your guests to be able to speak with an uninterrupted view of each other. Can you imagine trying to chat with a huge flower arrangement in the middle of the table? Use bud vases, teacups or small glasses.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy flowers, use things that you can forage from your garden, herbs are great too. A simple spring of rosemary laid across each napkin is very effective. For my Easter table, I opted for spring bulbs (hyacinths) And white tulips they are abundant and inexpensive. After the meal, you can give the bulbs to your guests as a special treat which is a nice change from chocolate. 

Styling the perfect Spring Table

My final tip is to set the table the night before if you can. You’re likely to be busy preparing food and tidying on the day or if you’re anything like me you’ll be frantically shoving stuff under the beds and in the cupboard under the stairs 5 minutes before your guests arrive! It helps to have one less thing to do on the day and it’s nice to take your time over it. Don’t forget to relax, enjoy yourself and if anyone offers to do the washing up, let them!

Antonia x

With thanks to The Fine Cotton Company for gifting me a set of Carmen table linen. All words and opinions are my own. 

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