Easy gluten-free banana pancakes

Hands up if you love pancakes. I knew there would be a huge show of virtual hands!

Pancakes are much loved in our house, I can’t say that I make them very often because to be honest, they’re a bit off a faff. Particularly if you make American style pancakes as you can only make a couple at a time. Then there’s the issue of keeping them warm until you finish cooking a whole batch without them drying out.

Keeping things simple

That said, I stumbled upon a really easy 2 ingredient banana pancake recipe that makes the whole process much simpler as there is no weighing or measuring required. Toast and granola can take a backseat because there’s a new, speedy breakfast in town!

I cooked them on the barbecue and we had them for dessert. They are great, give them a go!

Store cupboard ingredients


1 Large ripe banana

2 Eggs beaten

A pinch of gluten-free baking powder

A few drops of vanilla essence

Add any toppings you like!

*Serves 2, double up on ingredients as required.

The recipe couldn’t be easier. Mash the bananas, mix well with the remaining ingredients and cook in a non- stick pan with a knob of butter.

Serve with greek yogurt, maple syrup and berries – add flaked almonds or pistachios for extra crunch.

Let me know if you make these pancakes and tag me in your photos if you decide to share!

Antonia x

Recipe by Sophie Godwin at BBC Food

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