Layered necklaces, my style staple

Style inspiration has been in short supply where style is concerned this summer thanks to unpredictable yet typical British weather.

Pretty dresses have hung mostly unworn in my wardrobe while I rotated chinos and lightweight tops in this warm but mostly overcast, often wet season.

A simple way to elevate your outfit

Fortunately, you can always turn to accessories to cheer-up and add interest to any outfit. At the top of my list this year are layered necklaces.

I have always loved the look and have turned to it many times over the years but it has taken me a while to curate a collection of pretty and delicate necklaces I will treasure forever because they encapsulate my own personal style.

How to wear layered necklaces
New Moon pendant necklace from Carrie Elizabeth – Gifted

Timeless pieces to treasure

My collection is a real mix of styles and price points but they look great together or worn singularly. Some have been gifts and some I have bought for myself, wearing every one of them makes me happy. Amongst my favourite pieces is this one from Tiffany, a birthday gift from my husband. The New Moon pendant, again a gift, this time from Carrie Elizabeth, a brand a didn’t know until recently, that bridges the gap between high street and fine jewellery. There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from!

New Moon Pendant by Carrie Elizabeth
Pictured: New Moon pendant – Carrie Elizabeth
Coin necklace – Orelia (no longer in stock)

Other brands in my modest collection are Tutti & Co and Orelia which are both really affordable.

The rules

I’m not one for fashion rules because I firmly believe that you should wear whatever you want. That said, there are some guidelines to wearing layered necklaces that you might find useful.

Wear at least 3 necklaces at a time – You’ll notice that I have broken my own rules already because I am only wearing two necklaces in this post! Usually, I wear a minimum of three but the neckline on this dress couldn’t take a third, longer length necklace. It got lost in the embroidery and pompoms so I adjusted accordingly. Rules are for breaking, aren’t they?

Mix up the lengths of your necklaces – I touched on this in the previous section, you will want to have a small, medium and a large necklace so they can all be seen and to create the layered look. It’ll be easier to untangle your necklaces too!

Look out for lariat styles, they are great for adding length and always look sophisticated.

Keep your metals unified – I hesitate to say this but my personal opinion is that sticking to one type of metal i.e. all gold, all silver will keep things chic. It entirely depends on what you are going for though, mixed metals can create an edgier look.

Play around with colours and textures – Don’t be afraid to mix things up to add colour and texture with a range of materials besides silver and gold. Pieces with beads, tassels and enamel add interest and create a more bohemian look.

Antonia x

This post contains gifted items from Carrie Elizabeth. All words and opinions are my own.

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