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Trish McEvoy Beauty Planner

I was invited to a makeup masterclass with the force of nature that is Trish McEvoy. If you’ve never heard of Trish let me fill you in – she is married to a dermatologist and together they opened a salon on Fifth Avenue some 40 years ago. They were pioneers in bringing make up and dermatology together under one roof.

Trish then went on to launch her eponymous (and still privately owned brand) with one simple mission: to make women feel good about themselves.

She’s as you’d expect a New Yorker to be, straight talking, no nonsense and glamorous in that polished US kinda way. She looks incredible at 68, seriously she could pass for my sister!

Trish McEvoy

During the course of the event we had to take our make up off and put it all back on under Trish’s expert guidance. I had already heard that Trish was a force to be reckoned with, she pulled bare faced women out of the crowd and made them come up on stage. She would demonstrate every step while asking her guests questions ranging from career to skincare and everything in between which was both terrifying and disarming.

There are eight steps to Trish makeup routine, covering everything from foundation to lips. I particularly enjoyed her eye makeup tips so that’s what I’m giving you! 

The triangle of light

Trish’s makeup begins with good skin prep but you know that already. Cleanse, hydrate and then straight into eye makeup which I’ll confess sounds a bit odd to me since I always apply foundation before applying makeup to my eyes.

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift

The triangle of light is a bit of magic for your eyes. This little trick will brighten the under eye area, banish dark circles and highlight the centre of your face. To create the triangle of light roughly draw an inverted triangle under each eye using the Instant Eye Lift (although a brightening under eye concealer will also work). Then gently blend with your ring finger or a flat brush if you prefer, finish with setting powder.

Eye colour

Like many makeup experts, Trish recommends using an eye shadow primer. It makes sense to use it order to avoid the colour gathering in the crease of your eye socket but for a working mum like me, it’s one step too many for every day use. You decide what suits your lifestyle and then apply the following:

A touch of Fast-Track Eye Stick in Rich Brown to lower eyelid and blend with your fingertip. Follow this step with the application of Fast-Track Eye Stick in Sienna to the crease of the eye and this time blend with a small brush. Sienna is an unusual colour choice for me but it works. It’s a reddish tone that suits all skin types and really makes your eyes pop.

Trish McEvoy Eye Stick

Finally – and this felt so counterintuitive to me as I would usually start with this step first – apply Eye Stick in Cream to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. This will highlight and help to open up the eye area making your eyes sparkle!

Liner and lashes

This step is my favourite because it really works. It’s not tightlining in the traditional sense i.e. where you apply eye liner to your waterline. The Trish way is about filling in the gaps between your lashes.

To do this, hold the pencil vertically, lift your lid and apply the liner at the base of your lashes taking care to fill in the gaps between your upper lashes. The results are really natural and it just looks like you’ve been blesses with very thick lashes.

Complete your look by sweeping High Volume Tubular Mascara through the length of your upper lashes.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Planner

I have been using Trish McEvoy’s products for a few weeks now and the one thing that has really impressed me is their staying power. The Long Wear lipliner and the Beauty Booster Lip & Cheek colour last for several hours without drying my lips.

All these products are included in The Power Of Makeup Beauty Planner – a complete system to help you put your best face forward as Trish would say!

Antonia x

PS: The personalisation service is available in Selfridges only.

This post was written with thanks to Trish McEvoy and Lion Communications, as always all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Juliana
    13/12/2018 / 3:02 am

    Hi Antonia, I really enjoed reading this post, there are some great tips in here especially with party season fast approaching! The eyeshadow primer is a great tip. I swear by eyeshadow primer for giving you a great base for your eyeshadow to sit on and it also helps to give a really true colour of your eyeshadow too. I will definitely be trying out the eyelash boost tip as the thought of tightlining always makes my eyes water!!

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