5 Wellbeing habits I’m welcoming back into my life

5 wellbeing habits I am welcoming back into my life

Losing sight of wellness

The last two years have been very chaotic for me and my family. I went from a part time teaching job to blogging full time and then straight on to running a retail business. Life’s busy, the days are long and I usually have at least one major crisis per week.

I’m quite good at putting myself on the back burner, something I think a lot of women can relate to. Until it caught up with me and I saw 2017 out with a horrific bout of flu. My recovery was slow and I didn’t have the energy to start the year with any major goals. I did, however, make a very loose plan to welcome 5 long-lost wellbeing habits back into my life.

The plan consists of making a handful of simple common sense changes that impact my everyday life positively.

5 wellbeing habits I am welcoming back into my life


Embracing good habits

Eating my greens – I have been padding my meals out with extra fruit and veg. I lived on a diet of beige food for the last 6 months of 2017 and it took its toll on my health.

No major lifestyle changes here but I have found it very easy to include more green goodness in my diet. Frozen spinach and frozen peas work a treat. In my opinion they should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen – inexpensive, versatile and quick to cook. I add them to anything from stews and curries to rice and pasta dishes.

Sleeping more – I can’t profess to have made big strides in this area but I am trying to create bedtime routines that I enjoy and don’t include my phone or my laptop. I love using a vaporiser, pillow mist and a quick hand massage. You can read all about my bedtime rituals here.

Mindful moments – I wish I could say I am focusing on my fitness spending and more time outdoors but I’m not. Partly because I am so busy juggling work and my family and partly because it has been so cold and miserable in the UK. Is it just me or is this the longest winter ever? Anyway, the point that I can’t face a workout early in the morning or in the evenings at the moment.

However, I am making an effort to notice the world around me and taking a bit of time to be grateful for what I have. I know it sounds silly but noticing small things like the first snowdrops and how the evenings are slowly becoming lighter makes me smile to myself. I love the fleeting moments of contentment that follow.

5 wellbeing habits I am welcoming back into my life

Cooking – there was a time in my life when all I did was cook and bake all manner of things. I really enjoyed it and I could turn my hand to some quite complex recipes. Fast forward a few years and I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. I put it down to the fact that we didn’t have a kitchen for about two years after we moved into out current home. We used our camping furniture while we figured out how to pay for the kitchen refurb!

Then recently, my eldest daughter said I should start baking again because I am ‘good at it’ so I started putting a bit more love into our weekday meals and even baked this easy peasy Foccacia bread a few times.

Going offline – ok, ok, I’m not offline that often but I decided a while ago not to check social media or look at emails in the evening. I get a lot more done around the house and I love a bit of downtime with my kids – when they aren’t fighting of course!

Also I had a massive bout of guilt when the middle daughter told me almost a year ago that she didn’t like me being on the phone 24/7 (her words) – more on that another time. It was a hell of a wake up call.

Listening to podcasts – This could be the best invention ever. I listen to anything from Woman’s Hour to Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic. I know everyone says it but I like how you can get on with other things whilst you listen.


5 wellbeing habits I am welcoming back into my life

Aside from those little day to day rules, I am also doing my best to savour Sundays which are sacred as they are my only day off. I linger in bed a bit longer and avoid getting dressed for as long as possible.

Then it’s all about a leisurely breakfast and relaxing in the comfiest clothes I have, including these cosy slippers sent to me by Just Sheepskin. Reading actual magazines, drinking tea and a huge roast are also high on the agenda.

How do you take care of your wellbeing?

Antonia x

A note from me: I have been suffering with Raynaud’s Syndrome for a number of years now. If you are familiar with it you’ll know that keeping my hands and feet warm is a priority as I have poor circulation in those areas.

I want to take a moment to thank Just Sheepskin for gifting the Duchess slippers featured in this post to me. I have been wearing them for a few months and I am happy to report that the quality is excellent and they have been really effective in keeping my feet warm. As always all words and opinions are my own.

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