3 simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your wellbeing 

3 simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your wellbeing 

At the beginning of the year I set out some intentions to be healthier and feel better in 2017. I now wonder why I did this to myself as it’s been a complete disaster to be honest. I started running again for a few weeks in January and then had a couple of busy weeks that interrupted my routine and I just never got back on track. I’ve been feeling really low about not being able to break the cycle, always feeling too tired and frustrated that I’m not as productive as I ought to be.

This spiral of negativity has been making me feel a bit down in the dumps so I armed myself with armfuls of optimism and I made a few tweaks to my routine that have been really positive. I also received a wonderful box full of treats from The Little House of Hygge that helped me to unwind and take a bit of time to think about things from a different perspective.

None of these tips are new or terribly clever but they are effective so why not give them a try?

Get an early night


3 simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your wellbeing 

I know, so obvious but why is it so hard to actually get an early night? I find myself slumped on the sofa double screening way past 10.30pm when I really, really would rather be in bed flicking through a magazine. Ultimately, it’s up to me to switch the TV off, put the phone away and just go to bed! I have been pushing myself to do it regularly and I genuinely feel so much better in the mornings!

Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning


3 simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your wellbeing 

I got this tip from Monica at The Elgin Avenue, she shared this tip on her podcast Let’s Discuss. The penny dropped as soon as she started talking about her social media rules, I had been wondering why I was suddenly so unorganised and ineffective in the mornings. Then I realised because all the time I had previously dedicated to getting on with a few basic chores, getting the children ready and planning the day ahead was being taken up by Instagram!

The issue for me is that mornings are peak times for social media and I hate to miss out at such a crucial stage of my journey. My blog is still young and in order to grow you have to turn up every day.  My husband on the other hand, receives emails from all over the globe so his inbox is constantly filling up and demanding his attention 24/7.

We got into the awful habit of picking our phones up the moment we opened our eyes about a year ago and it’s a habit that makes us both feel like we are constantly on duty. We made a pledge not to start our day with our phone and this simple tweak has been quite transformative. Sometimes we wake up, make a cup of tea and go back to bed for a short while which makes your average Tuesday feel like a Saturday and I get so much more done now!

Get moving


3 simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your wellbeing 

I haven’t quite got back into running… I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this but I’m sort of scared of what might happen when I do. Anyway, weird sport psychology aside, I decided that if I can’t/ won’t run the least I can do is get out for some fresh air. I’ve been making an effort to get out for regular walks in the woods at the bottom of my road. It’s been so enjoyable now that spring is here, it gives me time to clear my head and listen to my favourite podcasts. I have also started going to a yoga class once a week with my best friend and I love it.

All in all I’m feeling energised and much happier within myself, I’ve just got to keep it up now! Have you made any lifestyle changes recently?

Antonia x

This post was written with thanks to The Little House of Hygge who provided me with one of their wonderful Let’s Hygge boxes full of excellent quality treats to help you create your own hyggelit moments. You can subscribe for a monthly box or just buy a one off, limited edition box, they make a great gift option or an indulgent treat for yourself.



  1. 29/03/2017 / 7:25 am

    Such great points Antonia especially the one on using your phone in the morning, it really does take up a lot of time. Hope you have a good day xx

  2. 29/03/2017 / 7:41 am

    I can completely sympathise with all of this, it’s amazing how the smallest things can ruin overall moods. Good for you on the yoga front, I swear by weekly Pilates! For me now I’ve realised that so much of it is what I eat so I’m contemplating veganism, where and when I can. Eek! Xx

  3. 29/03/2017 / 8:25 am

    Oh such good advice lovely. Particularly the phone in the morning – though I appreciate that this is quite hard to do! However, is not posting as much in the morning for this very reason! xx

    • tinkertailoronline
      29/03/2017 / 10:11 pm

      I find it so hard not to post in the morning such a waste of traffic, right? I am planning the post the night before and then pressing ‘send’ in the morning which isn’t so bad.Apparently it doesn’t matter with the new algorithm but I think it still makes a difference from my own personal experience.So hard to strike a balance! xxx

  4. Debbie Hunt
    29/03/2017 / 9:54 pm

    I love running and have nearly worked up to my target of 10k. It’s taken me a while though. Down time from my phone is also my biggest weakness and I need to try harder at that!

    • tinkertailoronline
      29/03/2017 / 10:13 pm

      That’s fantastic Debbie! great achievement, I was running half marathons regularly a few years ago but I just can’t seem to get back in the swing of things. Maybe I need to find a new sport! Phones are so hard to put down too!

  5. Shannah /naaghr
    01/04/2017 / 10:42 pm

    Great tips Antonia, thanks. I was lamenting my inability to get everything done recently and a friend told me to be more forgiving of myself. An advice we could probably all do with taking also. We are often so hard on ourselves. Don’t be too hard on yourself re running. Your body might still be in hibernation mode, your natural cocoon for darker days. The recent sun will warm your bones and get you going again ☺ I’m trying to get out and about as much as possible now. I am taking driving lessons and doing a photography course, so really struggling to fit any extras in (our house is an absolute mess). I felt like a failure on Wednesday lol, but reading that we all go through these stages makes me feel much better, human…not a disaster! Thx for sharing. Xx

    • tinkertailoronline
      03/04/2017 / 12:36 pm

      I’m constantly beating myself up about all the things I should be doing and all the things I am not doing. You are so right though, we are very hard on ourselves, I don’t think men feel the same way… it sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate at the moment and all the things that you are doing – like the photography and learning to drive are really positive, also loving your daily walks, go girl! xxx

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