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Pixi Best of Bright Trio

Late nights, overindulgence, cold weather and central heating play havoc with your skin during the winter months and I don’t know about you but all this partying leaves my skin feeling pooped and worse for wear. My skin looks dull and dehydrated after one too many cocktails and lots of late nights so I like to give myself a mini facial at home to help things along.

I usually use a cleansing mask by Liz Earle followed by a facial massage with her Superskin Concentrate Oil, it smells divine! The massage along with the oil really gets the blood flowing back into my skin giving my face a healthy glow after. This treatment works really well before bed as it gives the oils (rosehip, argan and neroli) time to work.

Liz Earle Mask - Get the GlowLiz Earle Oil - Get the Glow



But I really want to tell you about some skin brightening products from Pixi that actually made me sit up and take note, I bought the Best of Bright trio and I promise that you will see immediate results.

Pixi Best-of-Bright trio

Two these products contain glycolic acid and I am a big fan. I have been having glycolic acid facials for the last 12 years and they really help to smooth out your skin and deal with any pigmentation or imperfections you may have, also your makeup glides on beautifully for a few days after the facial. You have to be very careful in the sun though, so make sure you use sun protection.

The kit includes a tester size bottle of the infamous Glow Tonic, a Glow Mud Cleanser and a Glow Mud Mask, you must believe me when I say that it is FAB-U-LOUS and WILL brighten your skin.

The packaging recommends using the cleanser and tonic twice daily (these two contain 5% glycolic acid) but I instinctively decided to return to my usual routine after 3 consecutive days. There is no reason for this other than I like my hot cloth cleanser and I don’t and want to use glycolic acid all the time. This is just my preference but there is no reason why you should use it daily.

The Mud Cleanser is applied on to damp skin and massaged for 30 seconds. It doesn’t have a rich texture and doesn’t lather so I didn’t enjoy using it much but it is effective in terms of doing the job of skin brightening. I wasn’t confident it would remove makeup either which is party why I wouldn’t want to use it all the time, perhaps just the morning would be a good compromise.

Pixi Mud Cleanser

The tonic is gentle which was a surprise as this sort of product can be quite harsh. It is pleasant to use and it looks so pretty on the bathroom shelf, who could resist? Apply with a cotton wool pad and you’re all set!

PIxi Glow Tonic

Finally the mask, I have only used once and I was pleased with the results, my skin felt clean, clear an smooth.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask

Overall, I would say that this trio is great for those times when your skin needs a good cleanse and a bit of a boost. I would personally follow the mask up with a lovely skin massage with your favourite facial oil or cream.

What are your skin reviving secrets? I’d love to know!

Antonia x



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