How To Dress In Style For Halloween

How To Dress In Style For Halloween

The creepy countdown to Halloween has begun and the kids have opened the box of gaudy black and orange tat to decorate the house. We’ve got a spooktacular sleepover planned (please send wine!) and party preparations are in full swing.

I will not be dressing up as such but I’ll be giving the festivities a nod with a few carefully chosen pieces and a healthy dose of inspiration from the eternally chic Morticia Addams.

Topshop have been particularly good at delivering stylish goods fit for Halloween without going full on fancy dress, see also H&M and River Island if you fancy a spot of shopping.

Whatever you are up to this weekend make sure you have a terrifying amount of fun!

Antonia x



Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Candle £52 – Jo Malone

Tunic Dress £29.50 – M&S

Feather Wings £50 – Topshop

Lipstick in Black Widow £8 – Topshop

Fright Night Coin Purse £3.99 – New Look

Alex Cat Point Shoes £22 – Topshop

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  1. 28/10/2016 / 8:54 am

    Ooooh love it!!! Think my inner goth comes out at Halloween 🙂 Those shoes are perfect, also the dress, the candle, the lipstick…. I want all of it! X

    • tinkertailoronline
      29/10/2016 / 5:54 pm

      I do love a touch of the gothic, there’s something so mysterious and glam about it!

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