High Street Beauty Buys – Issue No4

Budget Beauty Buys Issue No4

Hello! and welcome back to yet another roundup and review of high street beauty products. I subscribed to Birchbox recently and that has kept me well stocked in terms of high-end beauty brands but I haven’t forgotten my pocket-money friends so here’s what I tried:

Aldi Multi Serum- Renew – Makeup artist and lifestyle blogger Katherine-Louise confessed she uses this serum in this post, so the very next time I found myself in Aldi I bought some. It’s a snip at £3.49 compared to the £22.50 for my usual Vichy serum. The verdict is that it’s absolutely fine although I must admit that I haven’t been using it for very long but on first impressions I would say that the texture is silky and is absorbed well by my combination skin, though it is richer than I am used to. I haven’t had any breakouts and make up goes over the top without any problems. Unless you are very fussy or devoted to a particular brand, it’s worth a try.

Natural Collection Highlighter Stick – If you read the blog regularly you will know that I have three daughters and that I spend a fair amount of time in the make up isles of Superdrug and Boots. I made this frugal purchase while I waited for the girls to buy yet another lip gloss. I chose the coral shade as I was going on holiday and I thought it would give me a nice flash of colour as well as shimmer. I have only used it on my cheekbones and I sweep a little blusher over the top but I really like it. That said, I probably won’t buy it again but it’s a great little size and does highlight those elusive cheekbones of mine. I wouldn’t recommend as part of your contouring kits as I think it’s just too shimmery but if you want to give yourself a Kim Kardashian make-over You Tube is full of terrifying and hypnotic inspiring videos.

Garnier 3 in 1 Moisture Bomb Day Cream – I was honestly prepared not to like this but I must confess that it’s pretty good. I really like the texture which is very light and not at all oily, it genuinely feels, well moisturising! It has a pleasant and subtle fragrance, UVA/UVB protection and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I’m never sure about anti-ageing claims with any beauty product, cheap or expensive, although I completely buy into it. I think a good diet, sleep and sunscreen are more likely to do wonders for your skin than any beauty product ever could but where’s the fun in that? I digress, Garnier Moisture Bomb feels nice and gets the job done. However, if you are looking for a fantastic moisturiser that feels luxurious and smells divine then try Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Protect Fluid, I am in love with it!

Collection Eyebrow Kit – The quest for the perfect (natural) looking brows goes on and so I tried this palette following a favourable review in Look magazine. It costs £3.99 and comes in blonde or brunette. Each kit contains 3 shades of powder, a tiny angled brush and a clear brow mascara. I’m quite happy with it and have been using it daily although I only wear the medium shade so the other two are wasted really and the brush is so small that is makes the process a bit fiddly. The brow mascara sets the powder and keeps brows in place rather well. Overall I’d say 3/5.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and please get in touch and tell me all about your beauty buys – I love hearing from you all.

Antonia x


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