Staying On Top Of Your Fitness Goals On Holiday 

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I blogged about getting your fitness back on track here a few weeks ago, if you read the post you will know that I’ve been in a bit of a fitness slump recently but I am determined to stay active whilst I am away from home. Things have obviously slowed down considerably but I’m staying on top of my goals by introducing a little fitness rhythm to my days. Read on to hear about the steps I follow to stay fit-ish whilst I’m away from home.

Pack some kit – Now I’m not suggesting you follow your fitness schedule as you would back home but if you have got some kit in your bag you can workout if you want to. I always pack a pair of trainers and some gym kit wherever I go and I can honestly say that I use it at least once every trip.

Get moving – Again, I’m not saying you should formally workout while you are away but I find that a little daily activity helps me to stay fit and feeling well. Try to build in some activity either early in the morning or in the evening, personally I love going for gentle jogs or long walks, the light is beautiful at these times and it’s a great way to explore the area.

Stock up on healthy snacks – I don’t know about you but I love a good look around a foreign supermarket and I make it my business to find out where the nearest market or supermarket is when I check-in. Stocking up on seasonal fruits and other healthy snacks will stop you from eating crisps in between meals. I’m in Menorca at the moment and I can’t get enough of locally grown tomatoes, peaches and watermelons. Sustainably grown and delicious.

Cut out alcohol during the day – As a rule I try not to drink alcohol until the evening unless I am treating myself to a fancy lunch. A couple of glasses of wine with lunch make me feel sleepy and dehydrated and I know I’ll still want a cocktail (or two!) to watch the sun go down. I do my best to save the calories and alcoholic units until the evening as often as possible. Spain in particular, offers a huge variety of non-alcoholic beers called ‘cerveza sin alcohol’ if you don’t mind the taste (and I don’t) you can kid yourself into having the drink without the alcohol content and about half the calories of a normal beer.

Be realistic – This is the bit where I tell you to relax and enjoy your holiday! Don’t beat yourself up when you overindulge. Fitness and wellbeing is a holistic thing, you have to be kind to yourself and enjoy those precious moments of holiday downtime. You are unlikely to lose weight while you are away from home but you can make choices that keep you feeling well which is what it’s all about for me.

There is some useful advice here and here and I particularly like this post by Monica at The Elgin Avenue which is in tune with my own attitude to fitness and holidays. I would love to hear your thoughts on holidays and fitness goals, as usual you can get in touch via the comments box below and you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a lovely week lovelies!

Antonia x

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