High Street Beauty Buys – Issue No3

Facial Cleanser Antiageing Sunscreen Maybelline Brow Pencil

I started this series of product reviews because No1: I’m a sucker for beauty products and No2: I have three daughters who are beginning to take an interest in the beauty world. Consequently, I find myself in Superdrug quite often looking for Zoella’s latest recommendation with my little ladies so I thought I’d make a thing of it. On one of my recent trips I bought Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser and an Anti-Ageing SPF 50 Mattifying Face Fluid.

What’s the verdict? The Hot Cloth Cleanser was ok, I mean for a mere £2.95, you can’t ask for more (bought whilst on offer, usual price £5.99). It felt a little watery and definitely lacking in the richness you might expect from this type of product. Alternative brands such as Eve Lom, Decleor and Liz Earle all offer much more luxurious balms but this budget friendly and Paraben free alternative did cleanse my skin quite well. However, I felt I needed to repeat the cleansing process a second time to remove heavy makeup and the muslin cloth that comes with it felt cheap and scratchy. Overall, an ok budget option.

The Face Fluid has worked pretty well for me, it is light in texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. I have been wearing mine under make up and I’m impressed as it doesn’t leave a shiny film on the skin. I haven’t used it outside the UK yet but it’s just fine for every day use and a snip at £3.49

I also road tested Mabelline Brow Drama Crayon. I generally like my brows to look neat and tidy but anything besides having them threaded regularly and covering the odd bald spot is too high maintenance for me. Finding the right brow product is quite a tricky business in my opinion but to be honest I think brow powders and angled brush are the best option – a good matte eye shaddow will also do the trick. There’s a handy guide on how to fill in your brows here that you might like to read.

I need a product that I can use on the run and I have tried Benefit Gimme Brow but I find it messy on the outer (thinner) part of my eyebrows. For a while I also used a Rimmel eyebrown pencil in the dark brown shade but it was actually quite red and looked bizarre in daylight. I am quite taken by Mabelline’s crayon. The formulation is creamy and nice on application, the colour is also good and true to its’ name. The downside is that it’s quite chubby so hard to apply neatly on those thinner areas. I’d say that the results are good when used with a blending brush.

I hope you have enjoyed this instalment of Budget Beauty Buys. Have you found any bargains recently? It would be great to hear all about it!

Antonia x


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