Quick Smokey Eye Tutorial

Quick Smokey Eye Tutorial

Ah! The smokey eye eluded me for many years, I just didn’t know where to start but that was in the days before You Tube makeup tutorials. Since Lisa Eldridge came into my life I haven’t looked back. Lisa is the high priestess of make up and her step by step guide smokey eye makeup tutorial is really simple and the results are great but I find that it just takes that teeny bit longer than I usually have to get ready. I have three children and my days of pampering and preening before a big night out are long gone, so over time I have simplified the smokey eye technique so much so that it takes me about 1 minute flat. Don’t believe me? Have a go!

You will need:

A kohl pencil in whatever colour you like. Rimmel works just fine for me. Just make sure that the consistency isn’t too dry and it blends in easily.

A blending brush – it’s worth investing a little here. Some of my Bobbi Brown brushes are still going after almost 20 years – eek! Make sure you wash them regularly, let them air dry and they’ll last for ever.

The technique:

Step 1

Prime your eyelids and apply a pale and neutral eye shadow up to your brow bone. I use Bobbi Brown in Bone and if I’ve got time I’ll add a shade called Sable to my eye lids. This step is not essential but will give a more polished look.


Step 2

Draw a line along your top lid and draw some dots along your bottom lashes. Don’t worry if it looks messy, you are going to blend it all in.


Step 3

Use your blending brush using circular motions along the pencil line. You can always apply a little more eye pencil above your outer lashes if  you want a bolder look. This is a very forgiving technique so if you have any gaps, apply a little dot of kohl and blend again.


Step 4

A lick of mascara, fill in your brows and you’re done! Apply some eye pencil along your waterline for a more dramatic effect.


I’m going out tonight and I’ll have about 15 minutes between leaving work and catching the train for my night out, so I’ll be relying on this speedy makeup technique to get me through. I’d love to hear your makeup tips, leave me a message in the comments box below.

Antonia x

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