June Lifestyle Favourites

June Lifestyle Favourites

Summer is in full swing believe it or not and as we prepare to say goodbye to the month that we left the EU and dropped out of Euro 2016 in the space of one week. I wanted to take some time to reflect on the month of June and share a few of the things that I have enjoyed. Yes there have been a few things…

1. Jess Lively podcasts – I found Jess thanks to a post by Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue. Jess’ podcast is all about living your life with intention and working through the barriers that stop you from achieving your goals and being happy. I’ll be honest, I am quite sceptical and I don’t usually have much time for self-help and motivational rhetoric. It’s a very British attitude I suppose but I’ve started listening to the podcast regularly (with an open mind) and I have really begun to enjoy it and embrace life with intention. Jess is very sweet and she makes a lot of sense. There are some really inspirational guests on her show too and it’s impossible not to take some good tips and positivity onboard. Give it a go, you won’t regret it. Jess is currently on a tour of Europe and you can follow her journey on Instagram @jessclively.

2. Peonies – what can I say about these beauties? My house and my Instagram feed have been full of them this month. The season is short and they can be pricey but they really are worth it. I have enjoyed photographing them in different settings around the house and their scent is heavenly! If flower gazing is your thing, don’t miss Emily Quinton’s Instagram feed @emilyquinton.

3. Summer toes – I love this time of year. The long evenings, ditching a few layers and unpacking my summer wardrobe all signal the advent of my summer holiday in Menorca. The ritual that really gets me in holiday mode is a pedi and baring my toes. I went for OPI in That’s Hot! Pink this time. Now if I just close my eyes I can pretend I am barefoot and wiggling my toes in the sand!

4. Rimmel BB Cream Matte Light – I came across this BB cream one morning before work when I realised I had forgotten my makeup bag at home. I am too vain/ self-conscious/ call it what you will, to face a day at work without coverage. Barefaced for the gym or the supermarket is fine but I just can’t face a day at work without makeup so I nipped into Superdrug and bought this little gem in a hurry. I had about five minutes to choose a product and  BB creams are just so simple –  choose light, medium or dark and off you go. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting great things but I have been using it almost every day since I bought it. The texture is very light, it has an SPF 15 and is mattifying without making my skin look dull. All in all, ideal for a bit of summer coverage on the go.

5. The Glitter Guide – this is like your favourite monthly magazine only it’s online and free. The aesthetic of the Glitter Guide is to die for: pretty pinks and well, glitter. I dare you not to be inspired!

I hope you had plenty to enjoy in the month of June too and do say hello and share your thoughts in the handy little comments box below.

Antonia x

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