Jungle Fever

I’ve got a thing about deep green tones at the moment, let’s call it jungle fever. I don’t know if it’s the positively tropical weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment or the fact that big house plants are having a moment. My Instagram feed is awash with tropical inspo and I just can’t get enough of huge dark green leaves.


Images: Pinterest and The Frugality Blog

I’m talking Cheese plants, Fiddle Leaf Fig and enormous Cacti, although I must admit that I have a poor track record with house plants. They have felt old fashioned and stuffy for so long but the guys at Geo-Fleur and Grace & Thorn have inspired me to look at the old plants my Mum used to have around the house in a new light.

I find that deep shades of green work beautifully with neutral colour schemes and it looks divine paired with pink. I am hoping to add a big green friend to our totally out of control collection of cacti and succulents just as soon as I can figure out where to put it!


Image: www.andreaposadas.com

You can buy lovely large house plants directly from Geo-Fleur and Grace & Thorn or Ikea have an excellent selection of budget friendly options. Also head over to The Edited for an excellent guide on large house plants and how not to kill them!

Still need convincing? Head over to my Pinterest page for some inspiration.

Antonia x

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