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My skin and I have been doing battle for years, I have combination skin and as I get older the battle intensifies, I’m fighting spots AND wrinkles now and it’s tough to find the right balance. My skin is usually dehydrated yet prone to breakouts, I should definitely drink more water as my fluid intake basically consists of wine, prosecco and tea – I just don’t think to drink water throughout the day.

I honestly do try to make nutritious food choices and excercise regularly in order to achieve that elusive ‘glow’ but life tends to get in the way and I end up eating the kids left over fish fingers washed down with a large glass of red! which why I need all the help I can get from as many beauty products as I can get my hands on!

I have recently added a hydrating serum to my daily routine, I dabble with serums regularly but I never think they make that much difference so I am not loyal to a particular brand. However, this one by Vichy comes recommended by beauty guru Sali Hughes and it really gets the job done in terms of hydration, it’s like a big drink for my skin and it does make a difference to me at least.

I am also giving this La Roche-Posay moisturiser with retinol a whirl at the moment and I like it. It works well on top of the serum and it sinks into my skin giving me all those lovely anti-aging ingredients without leaving a greasy residue. Generally speaking, French pharmaceutical brands (think Roc and Vichy) get the job done at a reasonable price.

Finally I’m being strict with daily eye cream application, I simply can’t afford to be blasé anymore. I grew up  under the Mediterranean sun and boy is it beginning to show! This time I’ve gone back to Clinique, a brand I adored in the early 90s but that often got a bad rep for being too harsh. Well, times seem to have changed and Clinique Smart eye is well worth a try. Now if someone could just point in the direction for the products that do battle with the rest of the body please…?

Antonia x

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